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Prehistoric Bird
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  • Have you always wanted to fly over the landscapes of Africa and want to view the wildlife from above?
  • Now you can! Put yourself in the world of a large prehistoric bird and see all the wild animals from the air.
  • You walk giraffes, lions, zebras and many other beautiful wild animals.
  • Go hunting and fly over the plains in search of a tasty prey such as a rabbit or mouse.
  • Down there is a rabbit! The prehistoric raptor shoots like a spear down and grabs the rabbit with its strong claws!
  • A delicious meal for this huge bird of prey!
  • This kit contains the correct building blocks for three different wild animals.
  • ¬†Build one of the three Creatables with the building blocks of BanBao.
  • Play with wild animals and discover the exciting world of Creatables!
  • This game is played with one prehistoric raptor. (Or build one of the designs)


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