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Combat Boot
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  • There enemies go into the water. Quickly grab your Combat Boot and go after them.
  • The enemies and make it become quiet in BanBao city. This set includes: 1 boat, 3 tobees and multiple accessories.
  • Suitable for children over 5 years.
  • There is a report that an enemy is harassing innocent people near the water.
  • You can stop the annoying enemy? The combat boat is equipped with the best weapons so climb on top of it and get going.
  • With incredible speed race over the water and soon the enemy in sight.
  • He attacks the boat! Quickly shoot with your futuristic weapon or use the missiles combat boat.
  • The bullets fly past your ears! But at that time you touch the enemy and win your battle. A perfect collaboration between the driver of the boat and the shooter!
  • Build this Mission Eagle playset with the building blocks of BanBao and experience an exciting adventure. Climb up the fight and boat racing on the water, looking for the enemy!
  • This game is played with one combat boot, three Tobees and weapons.


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