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Bottle Catamaran
Bar Code: 4893156032737
Product Categories: 8 -11 Years, 4 M, Arts & Crafts, Unisex, and 51 - 100.
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  • These cool kits teach kids to be creative and using what they have to build environmentally friendly toys.
  • Bottle Catamaran reuses two plastic bottles as floats for a working model catamaran that can skim across the water.
  • Add two 1 liter bottles to the contents of this kit and make a 10"X9.25" catamaran
  • Launch it in the pool and watch it go
  • Watch your catamaran skim across the water on it's pop bottle floats
  • Help save the earth by re-using two plastic bottles as floats for this model catamaran
  • Create a "Green Science" project, requires 2 AA batteries-NOT INCLUDED


Picture of Bottle Catamaran