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Contact & Support

- Because we want to serve you better, we would like you to give us any comments or suggestions or complaint which could help us in improving our performance.

- So please don’t hesitate to inform us if you had any problems while shopping from any of our stores or while organizing a party or a birthday with us or while using our home delivery service through our stores or our Web-site.

- Also give us your comments and suggestions about our Web-site, and also give us some new ideas you prefer us to have.


To contact us please use the following

For Shopping:

Tel :                       01069000411

Mail :                     info@toyandjoy.com

Facebook :           TOY & JOY PAGE

Tweeter :              TOY & JOY


For Party Planners:

Tel :                       01001603865

Mail :                     partyplanners@toyandjoy.com

Facebook :           TOY & JOY PAGE

Tweeter :              TOY & JOY